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Exsite Golf Practice Tee Brush

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
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I admit that when I received the Exsite Golf Practice Tee Brush for review, I poo-poo’d the thing at first.  I’ve got so many golf gadgets and things to carry to the range I couldn’t imagine adding one more item to that arsenal.  But after using the brush on the range the last two days, I’ve changed my tune a bit and I’ll be bringing it to my future range sessions.

Exsite Golf Practice Tee Brush Overview

The Exsite Golf Practice Tee Brush (EGPTB) is a brush the golfer takes to the range and sticks into the teeing ground via a metal or plastic spike.  The player can then easily and conveniently clean clubs between practice shots.

Left: dirty club - Middle: cleaning club - Right: results

On The Course Range

Being mid December in Salt Lake City, Utah, conditions are very wet and muddy.  We’re actually lucky to not be under snow right now.  The range is full of standing water and mud.  One wedge shot and the entire club face is covered with grass and mud (see frame one on the left above).  Using the EGPTB I’m able to clean the clubs very easily between shots (middle frame) without so much as bending over or walking to my bag.  The result is a clean club (right frame), which is good.

Carry Bag

The EGPTB comes with a carry bag which holds all of the individual parts.  The unit isn’t small, but it is not terribly inconvenient to carry to and from the range.


While not a necessity for playing golf or practicing, it is sure nice to have a clean club face for every shot I hit on the range.  A clean face means the best contact and best results.  A dirty club face during practice sessions can result in shots which do not fly true and could cause all sorts of unnecessary corrections during practice sessions.

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