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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
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Nike Sport Cart Golf Bag

Last month (November 2010) Nike released the new Nike Sport Cart Bag.  I’ve had one in play now for a couple of months and I’ve enjoyed using it.  I can be quite a critic of golf bags because there’s not a piece of gear which gets used and abused as much as the bag itself.  If they’re poorly made or designed in a way which makes golfing harder rather than easier, that bag is going the way of the junk pile.

Sport Cart Bag Overview

This bag is designed for golfers who prefer to use some mode of wheeled transportation for themselves and/or their bags on the golf course.  Those modes may include push carts, pull carts or riding carts.

The top of the bag is designed in such a way that the clubs organize well in two directions, making club access easy for vertically mounted orientation or slanted mounts like those on push/pull carts (trolleys in the UK, aye?).

Smart design makes putting clubs in and taking them out easy.


The club divider (pictured right) in the bag not only works well right side up and upside down, it separates the clubs very well with its 14 chambers.  The clubs are well organized and easy to remove and replace.  That is a big deal for me, because with crappy bags it can be very frustrating when the clubs can’t be easily removed or replaced.  There is nothing worse than having your teeth knocked out by a 6-iron when you’re pulling out your 7-iron and the 6-iron goes with it.

There’s a small Velcro patch on the upper right side of the bag which is used for hanging golf gloves.  This is especially good in the summer time when you need to take your glove off and let it dry for a bit.

A small slit on the bag houses your favorite ball marking pen, and is easily and quickly accessed.

There are a total of nine pockets, six with zippers, in the Sport Cart Bag as follows:

Insulated Cooler Pocket

Insulated Cooler Pocket (pictured left) – zippered
Two Apparel Pockets – zippered
Two Mesh Water Bottle Pockets
Quick Access Pocket
Ball Pocket – zippered
Two Accessories Pockets – zippered

Color Configurations

Black/Silver-Dark Grey-Varsity Maize
Varsity Red/Silver-Black
Deep Royal/Silver Black (pictured in this review)
Varsity Maize/Silver Black

Easy Custom Logo

One smart thing Nike did on this bag was make the crest of the ball pocket completely removable by zipper.  This flat (very important) piece can be easily decorated with a custom logo or embroidery.  The reason I mentioned that this piece is flat, is that it makes it much easier to embroider.  If you want to feel real cool, like a PGA Tour pro, you could take off the crest and have a local embroidery shop embroider your name on your bag.  I suppose that is also useful for other reasons, like if your bag is stolen or someone is thinking of stealing it.  They may decide not to because of the name.


There are some basic requirements a golf bag must meet to be a winner in my book.  After all, the bag is the heart of my world on the course.  All my gear is in there, my extra apparel, tees, balls… and hopefully my car keys too or I’m walking home.  If the bag doesn’t allow easy access of all these items, as well as easy removal and replacement of golf clubs then it is a no-go for me.  No issues with Nike Sport Cart Bag.  The bag is well made, thoughtfully designed and all access is as easy as making a six inch birdie putt to close out my opponent.

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  1. AndyD says:

    I love this bog and really need a new one. Hope Santa brings one for me.

  2. AndyD says:

    bog? that should have been bag!

  3. I’ve been searching for “bog” in the article because I thought you were implying I wrote that. Must have been you commenting on your comment!






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