Vino Solo

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
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Yet another classic case of the tough golf writing gig I have.  Today’s tough test is to evaluate Vino Solo, a “wine on the go” concept recently launch by KDM Global Partners.

What is Vino Solo?

Vino Solo is a small (187ml) bottle of wine, which comes with its own drinking flute (drinking glass).  For reference, a standard wine bottle is 750ml.  The bottle, cap and flute come as one very light and conveniently sized package which is great for 1-2 servings of wine on the go.


The applications for a small and convenient single serving of wine like this are endless.  Any situation which size and weight are an issue with packing wine around will be much more convenient with the Vino Solo.  I could easily see throwing 2-3 of these in the golf bag for a casual round of golf.

For the corporate and branding end of things, the individual Vino Solo bottles’ labeling can be customized.

One other convenience I just thought of as well, is the lack of needing a corkscrew.

The Wines

Currently there are two wines available in the Vino Solo lineup, a North Coast Merlot and a Califonia Chardonnay.  My lady and I enjoyed the Chardonny last night.  Taste comparisons have these wines in the $15-18 per bottle range.

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