How to jump on the white putter bandwagon, cheap.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, December 11th, 2010
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Have you been salivating over the new “white” putters lately?  Entertaining fad.  Right now the hot golf items are white putters and black drivers.  Personally, I’ll wait until the fad is purple with green polka dot putters and black/yellow zebra striped drivers.  Better yet, let’s just put skulls on all the gear.  Then I’m in…

If you are an aspiring white putter guy who wants to jump on the bandwagon, but the economy isn’t quite treating you right, read below.

Bionik 101 Nano White Blade

The Taylormade Daytona white blade putter runs about $130.  It is a nice putter.  But if you want to save $100 and get a blade putter similar, then check out the Hireko “Bionik 101” putter in white.  Their price, with grip and shaft (assembled) is under $30 (below).

I putted with a Bionik 101 yesterday and it is actually a good putter, despite being so inexpensive.  The head of the putter is made out of zinc, and the insert is aluminum a milled pattern in the face which gets the ball rolling nicely.

Bionik 105 Nano White Mallet Putter

If you are the guy above, the white putter guy, but you like mallets then you are also in luck.

The Taylormade Rossa Corza Ghost putter is a nice white mallet which will set you back $160.  You’ll be the “cool guy in the group” if you own one.  But if you’re a bit tight on the funds, probably from not making putts and losing bets on the golf course, you should look at the Bionik 105 Nano White mallet putter (below).  They’re only $27.95 so you can save over $130 over the TM Ghost.

The 105 also has a milled aluminum insert in the face, but this pattern is a little different than the pattern in the 101.

I played with this putter yesterday as well.  I put it in play on the 3rd hole.  By the 5th hole I had the feel down and drained a 60 foot downhill birdie putt with it.  It works, unfortunately for my golf opponents whose skins I won with this putter.  Three holes later I drained about a 30 foot birdie.

The 105 works.  If you miss putts with it, I’d bet $30 it is operator error.

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4 responses to “How to jump on the white putter bandwagon, cheap.”

  1. John Duval says:

    For those of us that have an old beloved flat stick and still want to jump on the white putter bandwagon, I found a great place called the Putterr Lounge to send your putter to have it refinished in candy white! Check out their website –

  2. bud g. says:

    your article remineded me that about 20 years ago i had a ping putter it was an original model from their scottsdale or was it their phoenix plant ,anyway there was a guy in the tampa area buying them and selling them in japan for 3 or 4 thousand $ he paid me two thousand for mine. I ‘ve always been sorry i sold it haven’t had a putter since then that i really like…..

  3. Tom Heiman says:

    Can you get rid of John Daley’s picture I mean come on that’s at least a year old mug shot. Any one deserves better than that bull sh””

  4. Ah Tom there are about 5-10 photos which rotate in and out of that slot you are talking about. You are one of the “lucky” ones to get to see JD…

    But since you mentioned it, I’ll put some new ones in there one of these days.





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