Who should be the 2011 fantasy golf provider?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
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Ok it is that time of year my friends. It is the time of year where we discuss where we would like to call home for the 2011 fantasy golf season. I’d like to hear your suggestions below.

Let me tell you why we are where we are now:

We used yahoo for a few years. I have a small connection at yahoo and they were cool enough to expand the league sizes from 50 to 100 players. But we routinely have around 200 competitors so that still meant we had to have two leagues. Remember “HOG Space 1” and “HOG Space 2?” This made doing the results and figuring out winners even more difficult than it already was.

So last year we went to Kerplookee. The good thing about Kerplookee is that there was no league size limit. That meant all the standings and results etc were in one place, easy to find and display. Kerplookee is not without its issues, some which I complained about all year but they were not fixed. While irritating these may not be deal breakers as those are less of issues to me than having the league split into two groups.

I’m open to suggestions. But if you suggest a league there are a few requirements I’d like to meet:

1. The provider can occupy ONE group and not have to be split up.

2. The provider is FREE.

3. The provider is TGS and HOG friendly.

4. The provider doesn’t suck.

5. The provider’s sole purpose is not to suck you into their site with a free game only to pressure and solicit you into joining their “pay” game.

I’ve started a thread in the The Golf Space forum to discuss this.  Please go to this link about it in the fantasy golf area or comment in below to discuss.  Thanks.

3 responses to “Who should be the 2011 fantasy golf provider?”

  1. Ottawa Golf Blog says:

    Over at OttawaGolf.com Dan (owner of site) runs there Fantasy League using http://www.fglweb.com/fglmain.php
    He’s been doing it for years and seems to work great.

  2. Peter S says:

    Give Fantrax.com a shot. They run commissioner leagues and have a lot of ways to set things up.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I checked it out. The site at fglweb may work but it is not well designed. I almost lost my lunch when I went there… Looks like the cost is $125, which means it doesn’t pass requirement #2 too.





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