Back from Los Cabos

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, December 5th, 2010
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Unfortunately my internet connection in Los Cabos was very bad, so I wasn’t able to do any updates while I was gone.  But I’m back and new posts will be hitting tomorrow.

I got a bit sick down there and I’m still feeling the effects.  I think it is possible that a cactus which poked me made me ill.  I’m going to be doing some researching about that.

It was quite a shocker coming home.  We left sunny skies and 85 degrees in Los Cabos, to come home to 31 degrees, nearly zero visibility due to fog, and air quality warnings saying not to go outside.

6 responses to “Back from Los Cabos”

  1. SimonM says:

    I love Los Cabos and when I was there three years ago I played Palmilla and Campestre. Also Cabo Del Sol Ocean and Desert courses….equally good.

    As far as your ill effects, never discount the possibility that it is a stomach issue. Some of my buddies made coffee with local water the first day (the rest of us did not know it was local water). That resulted in 6 of us having Montezuma’s revenge all day on the Cabo Del Sol Desert course….not fun. We cornered the market on Imodium that evening

  2. Yes I think I had some bad water or caught a bug from somewhere. The reason I doubt that slightly, is that our meals on this trip were all at five star places and the water was purified in our resort.

    The place where the cactus poked my arm is now bruised and dark around the entry point about 2 inches in diameter.

  3. SimonM says:

    Tony….I would get that puncture wound checked out. I once got a cactus spine in my leg, maybe two or three years ago and I still have a bump where it went in. I did get my revenge on a cactus on that same Cabo trip as it happens. Hit a hybrid 19 degree which struck the only cactus in the middle of the fairway. Lodged in the darned thing and I have a great photo of the ball half buried in the thing seven feet up. Had to take an unplayable lie.

  4. SimonM says:

    No, not that one….mine had a couple of “arms” sticking out. Guess its not exactly a rare occurance, Tony.

  5. Golf Management says:

    Ahh man I hope You feel better now. I ran into one of those as a kid and it wasn’t fun.





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