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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
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I ran into a guy in the Chicago airport this past Sunday who is a reader here on HOG.  Small world.  He told me about a piece of golf gear he bought because he’d read my review of it.  He said that this unit was a “piece of sh*t” and then went through the details of all the parts which had broken.  Then he told me about other products from the same company which he had issues with as well.  The company in question did make good by replacing all the broken parts.

A while back a guy I know tried out a golf brush which I reviewed.  Though my unit is solid and has been working perfectly for several years and 100’s of rounds of golf, his unit broke the first time he used it.  That was a simply a case of bad luck and that minute fraction of a percentage which may have a manufacturing problem.

I try to keep my reviews as reliable and accurate as possible.  If you have a different opinion or have different experiences with a product I’ve reviewed, I would love it if you posted your experience.  Post your opinion on the related article, which you should be able to find with the search function here.  You can be sure that the company who makes these products are keeping an eye out and listening to the buzz, and they’ll surely want to make things right if there’s a problem.

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