jetBlue trashes my favorite golf bag and refuses to repair or replace it

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, November 4th, 2010
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I played golf this week, a few days after I returned from my trip to Williamsburg.

At the airport I examined my clubs for damage but didn’t examine my golf bag.  When starting my golf round a couple of days ago I noticed the damage.  Sure enough, the fine baggage handlers at jetBlue bent the hell out of one of my favorite Ogio carry bag’s legs, and broke the part which holds the legs together and gives them their spring action.  So the only way I could get my stand bag to stand, was to prop the legs very wide open, photo #1.  Then since it was broken, the legs no longer would retract.

Seconds later, the whole bag collapsed and laid dead flat on the ground.  The legs are toast.  See pic #2 below.  Called jetBlue and they refused to fix or replace the bag.

This is a warning for you golf travelers to think twice before you fly jetBlue.  Beware.

6 responses to “jetBlue trashes my favorite golf bag and refuses to repair or replace it”

  1. George says:

    had trouble twice with the way they treet our property. Seems if it is golf stuff just throw it ! Can we do anything. Love your site< from up here in Canada

  2. S says:

    Did you just put your golf bag in with regular luggage?
    When I travel I put my (much less nice golf bag) in an oversize padded golf travel bag.

  3. Actually “S”, I had the golf bag in a brand new golf travel bag. It failed to protect my bag.

  4. GolfNOnline says:

    Had the same issue with Frontier Airlines. I had a Nike soft-padded bag and it looked like it got caught in a wheel and they dragged it around for an hour. Lucky for me my clubs were OK, but my travel bag and golf bag were trahed. They gave me $200 for the damage and I ended up getting a custom Arizona State Sundevil Club Glove bag. It has been on about 20 flights since that incident and come through in great shape. Club Glove would be my recommendation to anyone traveling with their clubs.

  5. legalbgl says:

    I just returned from a trip to Doral and Continental put a hole through my brand new travel bag. When I went back they actually replaced it with a comparable bag on the spot (I had a Tour Trek Endeavor and they replaced it with a Bag Boy T-10.)

    Had to report it within 24 hours of getting off the flight but they did the right thing.

  6. Nick says:

    Note that Southwest is up front about it – they make me sign a waiver for my clubs (in a bag) when I check them. It’s one of the few annoying things about Southwest for me, but at least they’re honest about it.





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