State of my game – October 2010

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 17th, 2010
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My Game Is Coming Back

Despite this being about the most crazy busy summer I can ever remember on a personal level; despite not playing as many rounds as I would have liked so far this year, I’ve gotten the handicap down to a two again.  For several years played as a 1-2 (even got it to a .9), but the last year or two I’ve been in the 3.5-4.5 range.  Thanks to some quality rounds and low scores I’ve improved it a bit.

Despite getting my handicap down to a very low level, I can still shoot high scores like anyone’s business.  But when it all comes together and those low scores hit (like this year’s 69, 70 on tough courses) it is very fun and satisfying.

Biggest Improvement

My putting has gotten better, but the ball striking has really improved this year.  Mid-summer I made some good adjustments and started hitting much better iron shots.  I started to hit more greens in regulation.

Needs Work

Still, the short game is in need of some serious work.  It can shine sometimes, but my short game is not close to consistent enough or dependable enough.

Mental Freedom

I think much of the progress is due to my mental state improving, as those things which had been mentally and emotionally weighing on me over the last few years have come to a relative conclusion.  My mind has been able to get back on track and I don’t get frustrated quickly or “lose it” like I did last year or the year before.  I know I have the physical ability to hit shots and make putts.  Most of the issues were/are mental.

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