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Happy Birthday Armchair Golf Blogger

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 12th, 2010
Categories: Golf Media

I had the pleasure of meeting Neil Sagebiel this year at the Puerto Rico Open.  I’ve always liked Neil’s writing and coverage on his Armchair Golf Blog.  Neil is a mellow cat, who loves blogging about golf and does a fine job of it.

I thought Neil and I were brothers of some sort, and now it makes sense.  His birthday is today and mine was three days ago.

Happy birthday Neil.  Thanks for being a pal and for giving us some great golf content!

One response to “Happy Birthday Armchair Golf Blogger”

  1. Neil Sagebiel says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, buddy. I’m glad we finally met earlier this year. And Puerto Rico is a great place to meet! A belated happy birthday to you, Tony.