Lowest Round Of The Year

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 17th, 2010
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Between going to Paris last month, and throwing my back out badly, I didn’t play as much golf in the last few weeks as I would have wanted.  In fact, I played 19 holes in 4.5 weeks.  When I finally started playing regularly again, I’d lost a ton of my game and my swing was terrible.  I was playing like a dog.

I practiced last Sunday quite hard.  Worked on ball striking and short game. Hit one of those gigantic buckets, which I hardly ever do because it beats up my golfer’s elbow so bad.  But I needed the work.   Apparently that paid off because I played some great golf this week.  Yesterday I played an Arthur Hills course here called Wingpointe.  “Wingy” is a tough course, but for some reason I can play it well.  My ball striking was solid, except for three shots and my putting was outstanding.  I had 26 putts and even missed two three footers.

Despite there being a 2-3 club wind, I dropped a little 70 (-2).  That is my lowest round to par this year, though I have a 69 on a par-70 track here.

Gear in play

Since getting a ball fitting by my pals at Bridgestone Golf, I’m now using a B330-RXS.

During the round yesterday I actually turned to my buddies a few times and told them one of two things:

1. How great the ball feels off of my driver, compressing nicely.  I had one drive over 320 and had a 6-iron to the green on a 550 yard par-5.

2. How well the ball sat down on the greens when approaching, even though Wingy’s greens are very hard.

After 18 holes with that new RXS, it hardly had any wear.  The thing is durable.

My B330-RXS review is coming soon.

New Shoes

I tried some very high end shoes out for the first time yesterday as well.  These are handmade leather shoes from Italy called Royal Albatross.

Based on my round yesterday, I may never wear another shoe.  In fact, I may never wear another pair of underwear either.  Whatever it takes.

One response to “Lowest Round Of The Year”

  1. David says:

    Sounds like you got it back on track. I have been sidelined for a couple of months now and I am itching to get back out there.

    I guess I will have to kick the rust off too.





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