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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 16th, 2010
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I tried out a new and interesting golf bag this week called the Eazy Golf Bag.  EZGB has some unique design concepts.  A circular ring arranges the clubs, while a “V” shaped opening allows for easy access to clubs.  To boot, the thing has wheels.  The wheels are not really meant for pulling the bag on the course, but for convenience to and from the golf course parking lot.

Does this bag and all of it’s neat ideas break par?  Read on.

Club Access

Access to put the clubs in and take them out is fairly easy with the Eazy Bag.  A ring with indentations in the bottom align the handles of the clubs, while they snap into a ring at the top of the bag which arranges the clubs in a nice circular manner around the top of the bag.

The inner ring (pictured right) which the clubs snap into has 14 slots.  In addition to those slots, an outer mount for the putter is located on the exterior of the bag.  The bottom of the putter goes into a receptacle while the shaft snaps into a mount on the side of the bag.


There are plenty of great pockets on the Eazy Golf Bag.  I could easily store extra balls, accessories and large items in the bigger pockets like rain gear and sweat shirts.

Handle & Wheels

As mentioned before, there’s a carrying handle which works in conjunction with the wheels on the bottom of the bag.  This is not for wheeling the bag around the course, but is useful for transporting the bag from the car to the cart or around the clubhouse.

Speaking of handles, there are two perfectly positioned lifting handles which allow you to lift the bag straight up for mounting it on a golf cart.  The handles were well thought out in this case and work great.

Rain Cover

The rain cover is very cool and is see through.  With the rain cover mounted, the bag looks like the robot from the old series Lost In Space.  See the image to the right.  I kept expecting my bag to say “danger Will Robinson” when I had the rain cover on.

Accessory/Towel Mounts

There are some good accessory hooks on each side of the bag for hanging towels, GPS/Laser units and also for attaching gloves to dry.  Once again, well thought out.


The wheel base is very narrow.  The bag literally goes out of control even dragging it across the paved parking lot for a few feet.  Unless the bag is perfectly balanced and pulled straight, it will flip over and either twist your arm out of its socket or crash to the ground.

The rubber club holder which the clubs snaps into is not solid.  During a round I had clubs come out of the bag and hang out the V opening.  See image right, where my driver is hanging out of the bag when I stopped on the 2nd hole to hit my approach. Luckily for me my driver didn’t fall out and get run over by the guys behind me.

The rubber club holder also is not attached very well to the inside frame of the bag.  By the 10th hole, the ring was completely coming off (pictured left).  I was then fussing with the bag falling apart when I should have been worrying about winning the next hole against my opponent.  This is a huge problem, which was so irritating that I took the bag out of play after only one round.

The putter mount, though cool, is weak (or perhaps too strong).  When trying to get my putter out of the mount, the whole side of the bag would collapse.

There is no drink holder.


I try to keep my reviews as positive as possible and I’ve tried to do so here.  There are some neat ideas with this bag, yes.  But, this bag is not ready for prime time.  I couldn’t wait to take it out of play by the 10th hole.  By then I was fed up with the putter mount and the rubber club holder.

If the designers of the Eazy Golf Bag can fix the problems, it could be a winner.  But until then, it is not.

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