Do you boneheads have to yell “get in the hole” on every shot?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, August 16th, 2010
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Are there more “get in the hole” guys in Wisconsin per capita than in any other state?  Seriously you cheese heads.. what is up?  Did you have to yell “get in the hole” on every damn shot today in the PGA Championship?  Maybe you should wait to yell it and make sure the shot is going toward the green let alone the hole, right?  Or perhaps you should make sure the player is even hitting at the green and isn’t simply hitting a layup 2nd shot on a par-5?

I have a better idea:  SHUT THE HELL UP.

6 responses to “Do you boneheads have to yell “get in the hole” on every shot?”

  1. SimonM says:

    My analysis of the “get in the hole” people is that they are the same as the “awesome” people. “Awesome” used to be reseved for something that is truly amazing and outstanding. Now its used to comment on things like a half-decent cup of coffee. The “get in the hole” guys think they are cool when they yell it, just like the people who say “awesome” all the time.

  2. Kavika says:

    Agreed! Shut them up and get them off the course! THe PGA really blew it. What the hell are fans doing in the sand traps? Does Wimbleton allow fans to line the courts? DOes the NFL allow fans on the sidelines? Do fans set up lawn chairs on the foul lines at the World Series? Hell no!

    The PGA needs to give golf back to the players. Get the fans off the course, out of the sand traps and push them back at least 50 feet from every player and from every sight line. Why should champion golfers hit with hundreds of people standing in front of them? It’s a crazy, stupid tradition that needs to go. The officials are not doing their job and golf suffers.

    Fan behavior also is out of control. Just push them back far enough so nobody can hear them shouting. Or use pepper spray on the worst offenders.

  3. Buster says:

    No!! they aught to get in the hole. I feel bad that a golfer has to expect some morons “get in the hole” yell!! Till they know where the balls going & hits, SHUT THE HELL UPP!!

  4. T.L.Hinton says:

    AGREEMENT; TOTAL UNQUESTIONABLE AGREEMENT…. I wonder what Palmer or Nicklaus would say about this abominable practice….

    By the way; there are not 2 words in the space below….

  5. While we are at it, can we also stop the “you’re the man!” yelling too? That would be awesome.

  6. Mroz says:

    The “get in the hole!” guys are just your typical attention-getting morons that think they’re funny or cool by acting like total idiots. Starving for attention, this is the only way they can think of, in their drunken stupor, to get attention.

    Unfortunately, there’s really no way you can stop it, unless these brain-dead twits begin to yell before the player hits the ball. Then they can get kicked out.





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