New HOG Server Expansion Coming…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
Categories: Site News

I’ve had a solid sponsor here on Hooked On Golf Blog and recently on The Golf Space place some good ads.  They’ve been sponsoring HOG for close to a year now.  This sponsor happens to have a channel on TV about golf.  You may have heard of them.

Thanks to said sponsor’s commitment and subsequent financial (up front) investment, I’ve just secured a new and bigger dedicated server and paid for a whole year of service!  This is huge and a great step in expanding the TGS golf web empire.

The new server, which currently has a ghost version of HOG/TGS and a few other of my sites, is running and working great.  I’m just finishing the migration and I’ll be switching over to it soon.

More horsepower

The new server is quite an upgrade from the old dedicated server.  First, I can host up to 100 web sites with the current setup, expandable to unlimited.  That isn’t a huge deal, except for the fact that I already had 28 of the previously allowed 30 in the old server.

The new server is also a quad processor, in which each of the four cores are faster than the one core in the old server.  In other words, this baby will crunch numbers and spit out pages and results way faster.

The new server has more ram, by another 33% which helps.  Also it has a much higher throughput or connection to Al Gore’s interweb.

The new experience should be much much faster, and I can host more clients and golf sites.

Stay tuned for the switch.. things may get rocky for a day or two.

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