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Too Many 59’s?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, August 1st, 2010
Categories: PGA Tour

Prior to 2010, a total of THREE 59’s had been shot on the PGA Tour, ever:

Al Geiberger: 1977 Memphis Classic
David Duval: 1999 Bob Hope
Chip Beck: 1991 Las Vegas Invitational

Today the 2nd 59 of this season was recorded in grand fashion, as Stuart Appleby surged for a victory at the Old White course and the new tour event, the Greenbriar Classic.  The first 59 of this season was by Paul Goydos at the John Deere.

Is this just random happenstance, or do they need to set up the courses a little tougher for these pros?  The gear has been limited now for a couple of years, ball technology and driver CC’s limited..

One response to “Too Many 59’s?”

  1. itskvm says:

    Because of technology in equipment, and Tiger Woods emergence, Golf Courses were “toughened”. So what! Let ’em score! Every one has access to that equipment! They all have equal opportunity at the same toughened or un-toughened courses! Let ’em play!!!