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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 26th, 2010
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Anyone who has followed my golf sites knows I suffer from some pretty bad back pain.  And as of late I’ve had some tendinitis in the left elbow (golfer’s elbow) and knee pain in the left knee has been creeping in.  Hmm.  My left side is falling apart and my right side is fine.  Not sure what that is all about…

My pals at Pomology suggested I try their JOINT Formula for some of these aches and pains.  I just popped two of them now and I’m heading to my Tuesday league in a couple of hours.  I know I’ll be feeling fairly well, as I’ve been testing out this stuff now for about 10 rounds.  No pain.  No aches.  No tendinitis.


Pomology uses pomegranate based antioxidants to promote healthy joints and cartilage.  As far as I can tell the stuff actually works, and I’m a big skeptic.   Apparently pomegranates have natural a natural anti-inflammatory in them.

Another ingredient is HA or hyaluronic acid.  This stuff is a naturally occurring protein which “hydrates collagen in cells,” contributing to strengthening joint tissue.

M.S.M. is a sulfur which also helps which mineral found in major tissues of the body such as cartilage.

Boswellia Serata Extract (really?) is from a Boswellia tree and has been used for thousands of years as a way of reliving stiff joints.


All gibberish aside, I’m feeling darn good.  My inflammation and stiff joints are feeling pretty decent lately.  Is it a coincidence that this coincides with the time I started taking the Pomology JOINT Formula?

3 responses to “Pomology Joint Formula”

  1. SimonM says:

    I had severe golfer’s elbow and found a great treatment through exercise.

    This was actually featured in Golf or Golf Digest (forget which). It worked great for me and healed the problem a heck of a lot quicker than just resting it. Check out the research at: info.thera-bandacademy.com/flexbarelbowmedial

  2. roypalmer says:

    My long-term back problem was completely resolved by learning The Alexander Technique. In fact, I was so impressed by it that I gave up my job and trained as a teacher myself! It’s a bit like learning to ‘drive your body’ in way that reduces the stresses and strains brought on by poor movement/ technique.

  3. celineadams says:

    Great! I’ve been searching for joint pain formula information and came across with your blog. surely I will visit again. Thank you!





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