Is Tiger Woods’ reign of dominance over?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, July 18th, 2010
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Thanks to my buddy Jason W. for referring me to an  article from Joe Posnanski from SI.  Had he not pointed it out I never would have read it.  I rarely read articles by the regular sports media, or as they like to be called, “journalists.”   I prefer to read my fellow golf bloggers.  Most journalists love to point out that us bloggers are not journalists.  In my case I take that as a compliment.  Actually, I insist that I’m a blogger and not a journalist.  That whole discussion is for another day.

All that circular gibberish aside, I officially like Joe and I’ll check out more of his pieces.

Joe’s article basically ponders the possibilities of Tiger’s “time” being over.  Has his incredible run of regular PGA Tour and major championship victories ended?  The bookies and many people in the media sure don’t seem to think so and neither did many of my buddies.  I had Lee Westwood, Paul Casey and Padraig Harrington at the top of my list.

I reckon back to my golf round Tuesday in my men’s club when my buddy Dan asked me how Tiger would do in the (British) Open Championship.  He asked me “field or Tiger?”  I clearly and confidently answered “field.”  Then I told him that despite the fact that St. Andrews seemed like a pitch and putt for Tiger in 2000 and 2005, I doubted Tiger would record a top 10 finish.  My reason wasn’t that Tiger’s time was done, but rather his mind can’t be clear enough to concentrate at a level high enough to win a major so close to his personal issues and (apparent) divorce.

The next few years will be interesting to say the least.  Can Tiger break Jack’s record or even threaten it?   Many new players are surfacing and the fields do nothing but get stronger.  Winning a major for anyone continues to get more and more difficult.  Meanwhile, Tiger gets older.  The mental drain he endures with his personal life and the ever irritating (to him) media grinds away at him and his ability to focus.  It has to.  He’s human.

4 responses to “Is Tiger Woods’ reign of dominance over?”

  1. JamesLongHale says:

    Golf is a Game of cause and effects–
    Apparently Tiger can’t score without sex!

  2. says:

    Tiger Woods reign is definitely not over. Only 7 tournaments played so far in 2010, let alone all the B.S. he’s going through in his personal life. More play, less B.S., and Tiger will be back on track to break Nicklaus’ record and more…

    He started the Open pretty well, then putting suffered, like it has for him so far this season. Time will tell, but don’t rule out the Tiger…

  3. I’d argue he’s already threatening Jack’s record and has been since his three major year in 2000. This is guy who knows what winning feels like, and I just don’t think it’s possible for him to lose that so suddenly.

  4. golftrac says:

    There’s no way Tiger’s reign is over. I’m surprised he’s doing as good as he’s doing, given all that’s going on around him. I know it’s his fault for what is happening, but I still believe he loved (loves) Elin, and going through the (apparent) divorce has to be so mentally draining.

    I’m a massive Tiger fan, though, but I still think he’ll beat Jack’s record easily. I just read an article in Golf Digest where Hank Haney thinks Tiger will reach 25 majors before he’s done. I tend to agree. He’s far from done.





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