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Latest Woods divorce numbers rumored at $100mil, not $750mil

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
Categories: Tiger Woods

I’ve toyed with the thought of starting some nutty rumor about Tiger Woods’ divorce just to see how many outlets pick it up.  A few days ago the rumor was that the Tiger/Elin divorce would be the largest in history money wise.  Elin was going to get $750 million.  My golf pals and I wondered how that was possible, except we thought perhaps that was over about 15-16 years until his kids turned 18.

A couple of days later that number was floating around at $700m and then $600m.   The latest word is that the number is $100mil and Elin would not be able to speak about anything on TV, do books or interviews etc.  No talk shows.

The word is also that TW wants this thing to settle and not go to trial.  Wise move.  A trial would bring out all the nasty things which have gone on and would certainly be a PR nightmare for Tiger.

Tiger and Greg Norman Contests

Tiger and Greg Norman have seemingly had some contests in the past.  Who would have the biggest yacht?  How many weeks at #1?   Now the contest is apparently who would have the biggest divorce settlement.  Back in 2008 GN’s settlement brought is ex $103mil.  If Elin ends up with $100mil, I guess that means Greg will have topped Tiger on that one but a few million bucks.

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