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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
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I’m happy to announce my participation in The Hack Shack.  The Hack Shack is a group of golf fans and golf bloggers who like to comment on the current events in the world of golf.  Our first discussion is going to be this week in advance of the AT&T National, and our next conversation is in two weeks before The Open.  On the electronic internets we can be located as follows:

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In order to let you better get to know us, we have put together a few introductory questions about us and our game.


Jeff – I’m currently a daytime corporate lackey (tie and all) who is secretly planning a hostile takeover of Jason Sobel’s life. I started in October of 2009 as a creative outlet to write about my passion for golf and never thought it would turn in to what it has and the amazing individuals I’d meet through it.

Jack – Golfer. Writer. Blogger. Purist. Sceptic. Human.

Tony – One of the original golf bloggers (circa 2004).  A golf blog cockroach which won’t die no matter how many dangerous chemicals and high scores it endures.  Rock & roll drummer, dad, low single digit handicapper with bad short game, web geek.

Stefan – Ex-pat Herring-Head.  I love music, mostly various generations of punk and ska combinations.  I watch a lot of movies, and love movie quotes.  I’m a husband and father.  I support my golfing habit by performing dull IT tasks in a dull IT cubicle.  I’m spiritual but not religious, and I mix the occasional mean Martini.


Jeff – As a passionate golfer for almost 25 years, who seems to get to play less and less golf each year, my game seems to gets worse and worse. A one time collegiate (Div II) golfer with a 4 handicap, all I can do is estimate that I’m probably about an 8 at the moment while getting in a maximum 15 rounds of golf per year.

Jack – Shoddy, punctuated by rare moments of Ballesteros-esque brilliance. Handicap? Cough cough questionable 12 cough cough.

Tony – I play about 100 rounds per year.  Low score: 68.  Hole in one: yes.  Lowest handicap index .9.  Currently a 3 and trending up.  My putting is my strength.  Chipping is bad, like having the chip-yips.  My bad back doesn’t allow me to make much of a turn but my granny swing can poke it out there respectably.

Stefan – I took up the game around the age of 12, and played regularly throughout college.  After college I hit a lull and didn’t play regularly for about 20 years.  The bug bit me again at the end of 2008 when I was recovering from back surgery and spent my days plowing through the favorite books in my golf library all over again.  I probably play 2-3 times per month, and practice 8-10 times a month.  I love going to the range.  I’m happy when I beat bogey golf, and my current handicap is 14.


Jeff – My all-time favorite golfer is Payne Stewart. He carried himself with so much class and had more charisma than any other golfer you see on Tour today. Not to mention his style and that buttery swing that just made you jealous to watch. Jack Nicklaus was also my introduction to the game of golf. My father bought me his videos and we watched him on TV all the time and in the beginning I tried to emulate his swing. One of my earliest golfing memories is watching him in the ’86 Masters when I was 11 years old.

Jack – Ben Hogan for his all-round greatness, ball striking ability and five lessons on the modern funtamentals of golf. Chi-Chi Rodriguez for his swagger and style.

Tony – Bobby Jones is my all time favorite historical golfer.  He did so much for the game and all as an amateur.  He also created my favorite course and favorite tournament: Augusta National and the Masters.  Jack Nicklaus is next on my list.  Having met Jack I was impressed with how nice he was.  Other favorties: Old Tom Morris, Arnie, Tom Watson, Dave Stockton, Lee Trevino.

Stefan – Walter Hagen, for his innate sense of style and class and for his powers of recovery on and off the course.  Bobby Jones was probably the most purely talented golfer ever.  He achieved incredible feats, and capped it with that jewel we know as Augusta National.  Tom Watson was my idol when I first started playing, and he hasn’t given me a reason to waiver from that ever since.


Jeff – I really like the youth movement we are seeing right now on Tour. Guys like Rickie Fowler, Anthony Kim, and Rory McIlroy are showing us the future of the Tour. Then there’s a whole host of “older” twenty somethings that are carving their niche as well. Guys like Ricky Barnes, Hunter Mahan, and Dustin Johnson. However, I’ve been a Mickelson guy for as long as I can remember. He’s sort of like a modern day Arnold Palmer with the way he gives back to the fans. I still remember when I was 16 years old at a PGA event in my hometown, Mickelson was a rookie on Tour (I think maybe 22 years old?) and I was watching him hit on the range. When he walked up I asked for his autograph and he was the friendliest guy, he invited me up to the putting range to stand with him as he worked on his putting… and of course he signed my hat too.

Jack – Rory McIlroy. I could watch that swing of all day. Also a big fan of Welsh young gun, Rhys Davies: his skills with the flatstick beggar belief.

Tony – I have a love/hate relationship with Tiger.  I love Tiger the golfer and hate Tiger the phony.  I’m a Phil fan.  His talent level is sick.  Love to watch Freddie because his swing is smooth and fluid, just like mine.

Stefan – I’ll watch Freddie or Ernie hit golf balls any time, anywhere.  Spectacularly smooth swings, and both of them are good guys.  I like Calc for his sense of humor.  I like AK for his swagger (and because he’s a Sooner AND a Lakers fan, and he lives in Dallas).  Tiger and Phil are clearly the best two players in the world right now, but I’m not a huge fan of either.

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