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Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 26th, 2010
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While at the PGA Show this year, I managed a good trade.  The booth across from ours was the Drizzle Stik both.  They wanted a hat bad and told me they’d trade it for a Drizzle Stik.  That was a good deal for me, since I would have given them a hat anyway.  Little did I know how much I’d like using this thing.

What is a Drizzle Stik?

A Drizzle Stik is a mini umbrella which fits on top of a golf bag to keep the golf clubs from getting wet, or from getting a sunburn.  We’ll call it a golf bag umbrella, but it could also be used as an umbrella for a really skinny person.

An inner layer (pictured in Drizzle Stik image gallery) covers the frame of the umbrella on the underside, which keeps it from hooking on any clubs or the bag.  It also prevents any scratching of clubs.


The unit folds to a nice compact size which easily fits into pockets of your golf bag or even a backpack.  Extended the handle reaches 49 inches.  I put the handle into my bag and it slides in like a club and keeps my clubs dry in the rain.  To get clubs out I just slide the unit up.

On the course

Living in a desert, it is difficult to find opportunities to test devices which are to be used in the rain.  But we had an abnormally rainy spring, so I had many opportunities to put my Drizzle Stik into play, and it performed well.  During my many rainy rounds I’ve played with my Stik, my clubs and grips have remained dry and given me the best chance to hit good shots in wet conditions.


At $19.99, this is a great investment in golf accessories.  The Drizzle Stik protects the clubs from the rain in a convenient way, and can double as a thin umbrella on the course or out and about.  The compact size makes it easy to store and bring with you anywhere.

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4 responses to “Drizzle Stik”

  1. masyankees says:

    Does this protect clubs in a stand bag as well or only in a cart bag, when the bag is upright?

  2. Good question. It would do fine covering a stand bag. But I believe that this company makes a model which has a shaft which can be bent, so you can put it in the bag then bend it to a level position for the stand bag or bend it out of the way to put clubs in or get them out.

  3. Hybrid Golf Clubs says:

    I have to get me one of these. Although most bags come with covers, it is a pain to have to unzip and zip up every time. this makes it quicker to grab your clubs and hit!

  4. golfmanagement says:

    Wow that sure would have saved a bunch of rusty clubs.





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