Getting sick of buying batteries for my Bushnell Tour V2

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, June 17th, 2010
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I recently bought a two pack of Duracell CR2 batteries for my Bushnell Tour V2 range finder. These batteries aren’t that easy to find. The first battery lasted 35 holes (18+17). The next battery I installed I used for 18 holes. The next round a few days later I busted out the laser and the battery was already dead. So I’m at basically an average of one battery per 1.5 rounds. This is not acceptable, especially for batteries which are hard to find and run up to as much as $10 each. Either something has gone wrong with my V2 or Duracells don’t last at all. I’m trying an Energizer next.

If none of these pan out, I’ll be in the market for a new laser rangefinder to replace my Bushnell Tour V2. Suggestions welcomed.

5 responses to “Getting sick of buying batteries for my Bushnell Tour V2”

  1. stephen souky says:

    Aside from the battery problem does the range finder work well. I would be interested to hear about the battery issue from others.

  2. ISBPD says:

    I have given our Fearless Blogger a list of the cheapest places to find RECHARGABLE CR2 batteries. I did so the first time last Thanksgiving. The links perhaps no longer work, given the elapsed time. If they still do, maybe T will share them here. Either way, to all concearned, they make rechargable cr2 batteries and you can get 2 batteries and a charger for under $35. Just Google “rechargable cr2”

  3. Stephen, this laser works great and locks into the target quickly and well.

    If I did it, the unit I’d replace this thing with is the Callaway. It uses the same battery. I’m thinking perhaps that I’ll try out some rechargeables either way. One thing I’m finding is that these batteries range from 600mAh to as much as 1000mAh. I’m wondering if this unit needs the higher mAh’s…

  4. jimdauer says:

    According to Bushnell’s website, one Duracell brand battery should give you 5,000 distance readings. However, they suggest replacing the batteries once per year. Hence, there is something mechanically wrong with your unit. I’ve always found Bushnell’s customer service to be excellent, e.g. when I take mine in for maintenance they sometimes will fix/tweak extra things like cleaning interior lenses that they notice at no charge. I strongly encourage you to give them a chance to resolve this issue and make you happy by contacting them directly. Their customer service number is 800.423.3537. As you can tell, I’m a big Bushnell fan.

  5. jmf001 says:

    I’ve got a garmin which i like but it burns through 2 AA batteries in about 36 holes. I recently purchased the rechargable duracell batteries which don’t last much longer (on a single charge). Hopefully the long term cost of batteries will do down.





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