Heartbreaking finish for Garrigus at the St. Jude Classic

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 13th, 2010
Categories: PGA Tour

OMG Robert Garrigus is completely flaming out.  NOOOO!!!!!  All you have to do is make DOUBLE BOGEY to win!  NOOOOO!!!!!  This is tough to watch.  Garrigus ends up making a triple bogey on the final to enter a playoff.

3 way playoff

Now we have a 3-way playoff between Robert Garrigus, Robert Karlsson and Lee Westwood.  Lee is in the driver’s seat.

OH nooooooo.  Garrigus’s tee shot, a 3-wood is now dead behind a tree.

And then there were two

Garrigus is out (bogey) and Karlsson and Westwood continue the playoff.  Garrigus was +4 for the 18th today.

Wake me up when the playoff is over…

6:47pmET – We are now on the 4th playoff hole…

Lee Westwood wins playoff

Lee Westwood wins on the 4th playoff hole.

2 responses to “Heartbreaking finish for Garrigus at the St. Jude Classic”

  1. DinoOnGolf says:

    Watching Garrigus blow up was tough. It makes you wonder how you would perform under the same pressure. To top it off though, getting stuck behind that tree with a nuclear 3 wood was straight up a slap in the face. Funny how Westwood needed a total blow up to get out of his own winless slump. Think it translates into a win this week?

  2. Leapthy says:

    Tough watching him fall apart. Not quite ready to win, yet getting closer.