The Non Annual Korologos Wedding Invitational Golf Tournament is today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 21st, 2010
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The first tee time is in six hours.  The pre tournament lunch is in five.  That’s when 12 great guys, and some good golfers will get together for the Non Annual Korologos Wedding Invitational Golf Tournament, sponsored by Bridgestone Golf, Sumi-G, River Oaks Golf Course, Hooked On Golf Blog and The Golf Space.  I’m stoked to have this great group of guys all in one place to celebrate and have some stogies.  But remember guys, the smoking area at Bonneville Golf Course is between the tee and green on the 14th hole.  I’m not kidding.  It really is…

The Players:

Tony Korologos (me), “The Groom.”

Mike Korologos “Mr. Ski Utah” and my pops.

Arnie, “The Greek best man.”

Chip a.k.a. Alan Nelson, “The white best man.”

Father Mario Gianopoulos, “Sunday qualifier.”

Shane Gonzales, a.k.a. Shanego.  “Better looking than Tom Cruise.”

Dave Shields, “Beats up helpless midget cart boys.”

Dan Crookston, “Longest banana ball in North America.”

Al Thomas, “Mr. Short Game.”

Jim Van Nyhuis, “Big Jim.”

Bryant Jacobs, “Your service to our country is appreciated.”

Marius Kvinge, “Mr. Sumi-G, and Tony’s golf ATM.”

The following players will not be attending.  You’ll be missed:

Tom Korologos, “Mr. Ambassador.”  Withdrew due to injuries sustained in a freak dog walking accident.

John Bush, “My mother thanks you.  My father thanks you, and I thank you.”

Phil Korologos, “Non Annual Korologos Wedding Invitational Golf Tournament Legal Counsel.”  May arrive in time for the trophy ceremony.

Favorites to Win:

Me of course.

Mr Short game’s short game is deadly.  He could take this thing.  I expect a low 70’s round.

Big Jim’s length could be a big advantage in wet conditions.

Arnie is always deadly and consistent.  He is always competitive.

Mr. Sumi-G is due for a low round.  Will it be today?

Shanego’s swing is natural and smooth.  He played a practice round in Colorado yesterday.

Side Bets:

I’ll have my usual one on one bets against Mr. Sumi-G, Arnie, Big Jim and Mr. Short Game.

Arnie and I will be taking on Big Jim and Mr. Short Game for our usual team bet.  This one will be tight.

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