My buddy Chi Chi Rodriguez was robbed at gunpoint

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Categories: Miscellaneous

Man this story sucks. My newest famous golf pal, who I met in Puerto Rico a couple of months ago, was robbed. Chi Chi Rodriguez (pictured with me on the right) had four armed gunmen enter his home at 1:30am last night.  They tied him up and spent 45 minutes ripping him off. They even took the wedding ring off of his wife’s finger. Chi Chi’s wife was a very nice lady who I talked to for quite a while. I feel for them.

Fortunately, for whatever it means, the robbers were “gentle” and “respectful.”  Not sure how you can respectfully rob someone but at least they’re OK and weren’t hurt.

2 responses to “My buddy Chi Chi Rodriguez was robbed at gunpoint”

  1. Ranger 474 says:

    Probably the worst thing that has happened to him since he drew me as his caddy in N Palm Beach. Back in the 60s. Glad to hear that they had no physical harm.

  2. jimdauer says:

    Holy Moses! I didn’t know there was a GUN involved in all of this. (My fault for only reading headlines).

    Great pic of you and Chi Chi. Meeting him and his wife must’ve been great.

    Jim Dauer