Fred Couples and his skateboard shoes lead the Masters

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 9th, 2010
Categories: PGA Tour

While watching the Tuesday practice round at the Masters this week we followed Fred Couples around on hole #9 and hole #10.  We noticed the Ecco shoes and that he was wearing had no spikes. In fact my dad popped some pictures of the shoes (left).  He does this to help reduce the impact of walking on his bad back.

On hole #9 we watched Freddie bomb his drive far past three flat bellied younger players.

What can we learn from this?   Are spikes or regular golf shoes overrated?  Perhaps.  I know if I don’t wear spikes I slip all over the place because my weight and balance is shifting so much.  Freddy’s balance and center is so good, that he doesn’t slip.

3 responses to “Fred Couples and his skateboard shoes lead the Masters”

  1. ISBPD says:

    You also have personal experience with street shoe wearing golf buddies that may or may not drive the ball past you! It’s for darn sure that “they” cannot putt better than you (and your golf shoe wearing feet). BTW, who’s “gum chomp” have you been thinking looks right for Sunday?

  2. JamesLongHale says:

    A few years ago, Phil Michelson played a round at my home course (The Country Club of Rochester) wearing flip-flops, and he would have beat the course record set by our then Club Pro had he not intentionally (my opinion) missed his tap-in on the 18th.

    James Long Hale

  3. golfhottie says:

    I do think spikes are over-rated, and overpriced. I have spent so much money on different golf shoes. Might just be me, but I play just as well in athletic shoes. Fred Couples is my hero. I love Phil also, but I’ve had a crush on Fred Couples for many years (since we both were young) Next year I am going to buy
    SPAM LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN. What a beautiful course and an honor to be there.