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Ernie Els’ swing looks good. No really.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
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ernie elsErnie Els, despite having a small gag fest on Sunday before the rain out at Bay Hill, won the Arnold Palmer Invitational. I watched a good portion of Ernie’s play and I must say his swing looks great. Now before you say “duh, his swing always looks great” hear me out.

Despite the fact that Ernie’s swing has always looked as smooth and buttery as any, right up there with Freddy Couples, his swing this year is even better. The thing I’ve noticed the most is the balance he has throughout the swing. His body is also in perfect positions, especially at impact. He’s delivering the club, especially his irons, perfectly at impact.

Already eclipsed 2009, by nearly a million bucks

Ernie now sits atop the FedEx Cup points list with two victories and over $3,000,000 in earnings. In the mere seven events he’s played this year he has already eclipsed what he earned last year playing 19 events.

Peaking at the right time

Ernie should be the favorite at the Masters next week based on his play so far, even over Tiger Woods. Tiger will no doubt be dealing with a lot of “firsts” next week.

3 responses to “Ernie Els’ swing looks good. No really.”

  1. golfmanagement says:

    I agree with your observation

  2. Kevin Copley says:

    As a fellow South African, I will be cheering Ernie on with every single stroke. Can’t wait to settle in front of the tv with my chips, biltong (look it up) and pet lion next to me. COME ON ERNIE!

  3. Boynie says:

    I would perhaps think about counting Ernie in for the Open at St. Andrews. He loves the Old Course.