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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 1st, 2010
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Being a hack golfer and a rock & roll drummer means my hands and forearms need to be in good shape.  The last couple PGA Tour rounds I’ve watched on TV I’ve made sure to keep my Prohands PRO handy, doing some exercises to build up my strength for the upcoming golf season.

Gripmaster’s Prohands is a hand exerciser, much better than squeezing a tennis ball or one of those two handled v-shaped devices.  The PRO model is the one I have, because… I’m a pro.  Ahem.  The unit has individual finger springs for working each finger as well as the muscles and ligaments in the hand and arm.


Prohands has different models for different types of users.  The VIA unit is for musicians, specifically horn players as the tension poles are similar to the valve controls on horns.  The Gripmaster is good for musicians as well as general users.  The PRO, the most advanced unit, is for more serious users.

My PRO unit comes in three tension levels: light, medium and heavy.  I’m on medium now, but I hope to move to heavy as my strength builds up over this season.

Golfer’s Elbow

The season is just beginning to start here, so my golfer’s elbow hasn’t flared up yet.  I’m hoping that by using the Gripmaster PRO I’ll build up the strength in my forearm tendons and muscles.  I anticipate this helping a great deal with my elbow pain.

Hank Haney DVD

I just finished watching the bonus 26 minute Hank Haney (Tiger Woods’ coach) instructional DVD which comes with the unit.  Hank covers a lot of the basics behind the grip and how the Prohands can help with strength, distance and control.  The DVD itself is worth the price of admission, $21.95 for the PRO unit.


It is too early in the season to tell, but I hope to have some increased strength and control through exercising with my Prohands unit.  I hope to add some distance of course, like everyone does.  But I also hope to have more accuracy, especially out of the rough.  I’ll have to do a follow up post later with an update on my progress.

More images of the Prohands are in the HOG Prohands Gallery.

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