“Speed” is apparently this year’s buzz word

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 21st, 2010
Categories: Miscellaneous

I made the mistake of going to the TaylorMade web site again, which nearly made me barf.  I go there a two times a year.  It takes me 6 months to forget the last time I guess.

I was there no more that 12 seconds before I just closed the window and left.  The flash stuff is so irritating, nauseating, clunky, counter intuitive, time wasting, bandwidth eating…  I just want to find some info on their damn drivers and read about it, not see metallic looking contraptions spin around, morph into different shapes and hear cheesy sound effects.  I clicked through the locker room, club house, out house and cat house.  I clicked “skip” as many times as I could.  I got lost in the animations and sound effects then felt close to losing my nachos.  I thought I was watching another transformers movie.  I had to bail.

I’m going to be fine, really

Sorry about that TaylorMade web site rant.  I’ll take a breath.  I’m OK.  I’ll be fine.

The point I meant to talk about was “speed.”   While watching today’s final of the Accenture Match Play Championship, TaylorMade mentioned “speed” in a TV ad for the new drivers a few minutes ago.  A couple of ads later a Callaway spot says “inspired by speed.”  Cobra talks speed too.

One response to ““Speed” is apparently this year’s buzz word”

  1. tag101 says:

    My son was given a very expensive taylor Made putter as a gift yesterday, I went to the site to register it and couldn’t leave the site fast enough..what a joke, I agree the site sucks (for them really) as now taht I know what it’s like I will avoid it.