Golf Writers to boycott Tiger Woods apology

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 18th, 2010
Categories: Golf MediaPGA TourTiger Woods

This is entertaining to say the least.  Tiger’s speech tomorrow is so tightly secured and controlled that the Golf Writers Association of America, a group of 950, has decided to boycott it.  Only three pool writers will be allowed near Tiger during the speech and they had to agree NOT to ask questions.

G.W.A.A. president Vartan Kupelian: “To limit the ability of journalists to attend, listen, see and question Woods goes against the grain of everything we believe.”

The fallout from the speech is going to be huge.  Just imagine how many opinions, dissections, questions and critiques there will be following the speech.  No way I’ll be able to keep my comments to myself so stay tuned here for my incredibly insightful and valuable take on Tiger’s apology.

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