Bridgestone announces two new flavors of B330-RX – YUM!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 28th, 2010
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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend a super high end media only event at this year’s PGA Show, the announcement by my good friends at Bridgestone Golf about their new flavors of B330-RX. The RX (RX must be because the ball is prescription strength) is perhaps my favorite golf ball.

Two new series, the RX and RXS will cater even more to golfers (like me) with slower swing speeds.

Here’s my original Bridgestone B330-RX golf ball review.

Bridgestone’s press release is below.

January 27, 2010
Bridgestone Extends Leadership In Dynamic New Golf Ball Category With First Ever Tour Performance Series Designed for Amateur Swing Speeds
Research from 50,000+ Ball-Fittings Yields New B330-RX and B330-RXS Balls

Covington, Ga. – For the past 3 years, Bridgestone has successfully educated golfers on how to choose a ball based on their swing characteristics – demonstrating tangible results through their innovative ball-fitting program. Having conducted more than 50,000 amateur ball-fittings, Bridgestone Golf helped many golfers discover the importance of matching the right ball to each player’s game. After collecting and analyzing swing data from a cross section of golf consumers, Bridgestone discovered a need for a ball that offered tour-level performance around the greens, yet was engineered to optimize distance off the tee for a moderate swing speed. Thus the B330-RX was born and an entire new category was created – Tour Performance Balls for Amateur Swing Speeds. The B330-RX was one of the most successful golf ball introductions in the history of the game. In 2010 Bridgestone will expand that offering with the new B330-RX and the B330-RXS creating the first TOUR performance SERIES designed for amateur swing speeds.

The new Tour B330-RX boasts a 7% softer core with a reformulated mantle that further reduces excess spin, resulting in straighter, more precise shots. With its Very SOFT gradational compression core, the ball is even more easily compressed for longer distance and great feel. The new core combined with B330-RX’s new Ionomer Inner Cover provides an increase in velocity and reduction in sidespin with the driver and long irons. As was the case with its award winning predecessor, the new B330-RX not only offers unparalleled distance performance, but the 330 Seamless Dimple-design urethane cover also ensures Tour caliber greenside spin and control, with a consistent trajectory players can count on.

“The original Tour B330-RX was the first ever golf ball to deliver tour-like performance for amateur swing speeds,” said Brandon Sowell, Golf Ball Marketing Manager – Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “Consumers loved it and we quickly realized this was a product that golfers had been waiting for. After 50,000 consumer ball-fittings, we discovered that there was still an opportunity for improving amateur swing speed players’ performance, so our scientists pushed technology even further, delivering the new B330-RX, with better distance and accuracy off the tee and remarkable feel on and around the greens. The new B330-RX promises to be a big hit with those consumers who’ve already come to trust Bridgestone to deliver a tour level ball designed for them.”

Rounding out the TOUR performance SERIES designed for amateur swing speeds is the new 3-piece, urethane B330-RXS – giving Bridgestone the softest multi-layer urethane series on the market. The new B330-RXS fits moderate-swing speed players – less than 105 mph – who demand a slightly softer feel and more spin control. The B330-RXS features a SOFT urethane cover for higher spin control and enhanced feel on and around the greens. In addition, the slightly softer core and mantle formulation help to generate reduced spin off the tee for great distance performance.

“Just like our PGA Tour pros, amateur players with swing speeds less than 105 mph have different preferences when it comes to golf ball choice,” said Sowell. “Some prefer a ball with a slightly firmer feel, while others demand a softer feel and more spin. With the addition of the B330-RXS to our line, we now have the most complete series of ball choices for amateur golfers looking for tour performance.”

The new new B330-RX and B330-RXS will be available at golf specialty stores and green grass retailers on March 1st, 2010 and will feature a street price of $42.99 per dozen (MSRP – $56 per dozen).

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