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Srixon Z-StarX Golf Ball

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 11th, 2010
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Srixon ZstarXI’ve had the pleasure of evaluating several different brands and models of golf balls over the last season.  I’m beginning to wonder if any company is making a bad golf ball these days.  One of the very best is the Srixon Z-Star and Z-StarX series.  The Z-StarX is the longer, firmer and and less “spinny” of the two.

Z-StarX Construction

The Z-StarX is a three layer ball.  The three layers are the core, mid-layer and cover.

The cover is .02 inches and made of urethane.  The thin cover helps the player control shots and gives the player great control in the short game.  The X cover has 324 dimples, less than many higher spin balls.  “Invisiseam” technology means no seam.  Actually maybe there is a seam but it is invisible.

The mid-layer is an ionemer plastic.  This layer helps control spin on the longer shots, keeping it low off the driver for accuracy and distance.

The core is an “energetic gradient growth core.”   This is a technology which varies the core density.  We’ve see this same idea in some other popular golf balls.

On The Course

The Z-StarX is yet another golf ball which performs incredibly for me.  Despite Srixon advertising that this ball is for 105mph+ swing speeds and a little harder than the regular Z-Star, the ball doesn’t feel hard at all.  My swing might top out at 105, but I’m sure it averages 100-103ish.

Around the greens and on short game, this ball performs perfectly.  There is plenty of spin and control.


Like I mentioned in my Z-Star review, this ball is very durable.  The cover lasts much longer and the ball says playable for many more holes than some other high performance balls out there.


I’m a Z-StarX fan.  There’s another ball to get excited about when you find it in the hazard.

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