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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 8th, 2010
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I’ve had the pleasure of evaluating several different brands and models of golf balls over the last season.  I’m beginning to wonder if any company is making a bad golf ball these days.  One of the very best is the Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star-x series.  The Z-Star is the softer and and more “spinny” of the two.

Z-Star Construction

The Z-Star is a three layer ball.  The three layers are the core, mid-layer and cover.

The cover is .02 inches and made of urethane.  The thin cover helps the player control shots and gives the player great control in the short game.

The mid-layer is an ionemer plastic.  This layer helps control spin on the longer shots, keeping it low off the driver for accuracy and distance.

The core is an “energetic gradient growth core.”  Uh, that’s what I was going to say.  What does that mean?  The ball has a lower compression and gives great distance but doesn’t feel hard.  All things I really like in a golf ball.

On The Course

I really love the feel of the Z-Star.  I love the feel of the core and compression of the ball off the driver and irons.  It seems I can sense the ball’s contact on the face.

For a “spin” ball this thing is long.  In achieving the high performance characteristics of this ball, they didn’t sacrifice length.

Irons and wedges are butter.  I have a ton of control over shot shapes, trajectory and I have plenty of spin.  Plenty.

Wedges, chips, flops… they’re all perfect.  If I execute any short game shot well, the ball will respond exactly the way I want it to.


I gave durability its own heading for a reason.  For a high performance ball, the Z-Star is extremely durable.  In fact, I’d bet the average player would lose the ball long before it became unfit for play due to wear and tear.  The ball even fares well with my square grooved wedges.  They hardly do any damage at all, unlike what happens to other premium balls.  Other balls can become very shredded while the Z-Star hardly shows any wear.


I’ll never pass up a chance to play this ball.

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One response to “Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball”

  1. The Hog says:

    Will be interesting to see how these (and other balls) are able to perform with the new PGA Tour groove rules. Maybe an opening there for a smart ball manufacturer to gain a marketing edge. Would be interested in your thoughts guys.





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