Moji gives golfers with bad backs their mojo back

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 7th, 2010
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I’m icing right now.  My well documented golfer’s bad back has been pretty tweaked for the last few days.  Before I got my Moji Back icing and compression wrap, I used to get frozen guacamole or steaks out of my freezer and lay on them to ice my back.  While the icing part worked to help reduce pain, it really hurt my skin.

Moji Back Overview

The Moji Back is an icing method as well as a compression wrap or brace to help the back out.  During healing from times when my back goes out I’ll put a back brace on.  If I want to ice it too, once again it is guacamole.   The Moji Back combines back braces and guacamole into one excellent package.

Compression Wrap

The compression wrap molds to my back, and has a thicker area right where the spine is.  This helps get the cooling effect on the spine better.  The flat steak or guacamole missed that part.

Moji Cold Cell

This is very cool.  The “Cold Cell” is the icing component.  It is made out of a Dri-Lex Fabric which keeps moisture away from the skin and really helps prevent that painful sting direct icing can give me.  The Cold Cell pack has individual cells/pads with proprietary cooling gel in them.  They are soft and comfortable, once again unlike frozen guacamole.

The cell is kept in the freezer in a zippered plastic bag so it is ready for use.  The zippered bag keeps freezer moisture off the cell.


I put my Moji Back on just when I started writing this piece and I’m quite comfortable in my chair.  The fabric is soft and the cells provide even cooling without any irritation.  I’m feeling much better with less pain already.

Ease Of Use

The system couldn’t be easier to use.  Just freeze the Cell pack for four hours, put the pack on the velcro area of the brace and put the brace on.  Putting the brace on via the hand pockets on the front is very easy and easy to insure even pressure.

Moji Images

I usually like to use my own images, being a bit of a photography nut.  But in the case of Moji, their model is much better looking than me so I’m using her.  For more Moji images, click here for the HOG Moji Gallery.


Don’t quote me on this number, but I’d bet 3-4 out of ever five golfers has back issues.  Whenever I hear of a pal with back problems I really feel for them.  I know what it is like to not be able to put my socks on without feeling like someone is stabbing an ice pic in my spine.  The Moji Back system, while more expensive (but less tasty) than guacamole at a list of $129, is a great way to treat back pain and give the back support, even without the cooling.

The Moji web site is awesome.  There is plenty of info on this and their other products, plus a wealth of information about various forms of pain, prevention and treatment.  They also have a blog, videos and a store.

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