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More alleged Tiger Woods mistresses surfacing

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, December 6th, 2009
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I’m not sure how much more of this stuff I can take.  My phone keeps ringing early in the morning on weekends now, robbing me of my beauty sleep.

This whole TW situation has completely sapped me of what limited creative golf blogging juices I had.  It really has.  I used to be excited to write about golf, golf courses and equipment.  I’m having trouble now getting my golf mojo up.  Maybe some transgressions will help…

There are rumors of two more mistresses now.  The first is named Mindy Lawton.  Mindy is a “busty” (a.k.a. not skinny) waitress at a Perkins down the street from Tiger Woods’ home.   A piece in the New York Post alleges that there was S&M going on and that they frequented many rooms in Tiger Woods’ house.  The other alleged mistress is a bubbly looking 27 year old blond “model” from Vegas named Jamie Jungers.

I’m glad I don’t have this problem

I guess I should count my blessings that all I win on the golf course is $4 from my buddy Marius on Thursdays.  I’m glad I’m not a billionaire golfer.  Though she doesn’t handle a golf club terribly well, my woman is a bad-ass.  She was a world champion Muay Thai kick boxer with more black belts than Chuck Norris.  She could kick my ass so bad it isn’t even funny.  Fortunately for me I have no transgressions to repent for.  I’m safe.

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  1. hgt355 says:

    Check out this video of an amazing tiger woods impersonation of him calling his mistress!