Very excited for golf tomorrow

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, November 26th, 2009
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There’s a special foursome which used to play ALL the time. I’m talking a minimum of 2x per week and more on holiday weeks. That foursome’s highest handicap is a 4. We have millions of bets and tons of fun pitting our different strengths against each other. Two of the guys are not long hitters but have the most deadly short games ever. One guy is a bomber who can reach par-5’s in two almost all the time, but his putting can be hot and cold. The other guy is me. Not long enough to be considered a bomber (10-20 yards behind the bomber guy), but longer than the short knockers by 15-25 yards. My putting is my most deadly weapon.

This foursome has not played as a group since 2008. We’ve all played with one or two of the other guys this season, but this group is finally back together tomorrow.

The high will be 48 (just checked again and now they’re saying 50), which is good considering that there’s been snow on the ground and the highs have been in the in the mid 30’s the last week or so.  In checking, the temp will be 39 when we tee off.  No blading 3-irons!

You can tell how excited I am by how much I prepared tonight

Thanksgiving dinner is over and the calories are not keeping me from the getting ready for tomorrow’s round:

  • First I had to find my replacement head for my Frogger Brush Pro club cleaner. New bristles in the brush enabled me to finely do the next item on this list.
  • Cleaned the clubs. Not just wiped them, but scrubbed and dug out all the grooves. They’re shiny and spotless. They look beautiful. The grooves are ready to impart the exact spin I want them to tomorrow.
  • Marked plenty of balls. Placed 12 skulls via my GolfDotz on a dozen balls. I did 3 ZStar-X’s and 9 of the new Bridgestone e6 “Straight” (not out yet to my knowledge). I’ll probably only use one ball tomorrow. Maybe two.
  • Stocked my MySack golf accessory bag with plenty of tees, divot tools, TGS ball markers.
  • Cleaned my FootJoy DryJoys Tech golf shoes.
  • Swapped out my old worn out spikes for new “adjustable” Softspikes (review coming soon, after I test them out). I had to use needle nosed pliers to get the old spikes out. It nearly took me 20 minutes to get the old ones out and I damn near broke my wrist. Now the shoes are fully rocking with new spikes. They’re ready to give me stability in my swing.
  • Put a new “Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy” towel on my bag.
  • Got the propane heater out of storage and ready to keep my hands warm tomorrow.

I’m ready. Let the games begin!

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