I need a fisherman to fish out my Golf Fisherman!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
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When ProV1’s and ZStar’s and B330 golf balls are $40-60 a dozen, it really makes fishing balls out of the water hazards a productive activity.  Ball retrievers can save you a fortune in lost golf balls.

The Golf Fisherman (sounds like the Popeil Pocket Fisherman) is just the tool for fishing out golf balls.  It couldn’t be any simpler.  You throw the thing out into the water and drag the lake, scooping up dozens of $5 golf balls.  You can pretend you’re “Gladiator” with a grappling weapon, circling the unit above your head and then throwing it for the kill (or for golf balls).

Is it that easy or am I just a bonehead?  Don’t answer…

I shot a little video (at the bottom of this post) of my first attempt at retrieving balls on the #3 hole at my home course.  I’ve put more balls in the water on this damn hole than any other.  I guess that is because the golf gods wanted to teach me a lesson for getting an ace on that hole back in 2001.

What you don’t realize when you are dragging a lake, is that you don’t just scoop up golf balls.  You scoop up whatever other debris is at the bottom of the lake.  In this case it was rotten, stinky algae.  I thought for a second I might scoop up Jimmy Hoffa.

If all else fails, try another lake

Not having much luck on #3, I decided to go to the hole which is in 2nd place for ball eating in my game history.  This is the lake to the right of #1, a par-5.  That lake eats balls.  Any drive which drifts right is toast.

I found a good spot, then started circling the unit above my head like the gladiator that I am.  I released the unit for the kill with precision and skill.  The unit flies about 25 yards right to the center of the lake.


I forgot to tether the unit to my wrist this time.  I lost the grip and the entire unit and string flew into the middle of the lake, out of reach.  I just stood there an laughed as I watched the thing sink.  DOH!

I need a fisherman to fish out my golf fisherman!

2 responses to “I need a fisherman to fish out my Golf Fisherman!”

  1. bloan12 says:

    I think you forgot to keep your arm tucked in at your side. This is true of fly fishing, golf and in this case…Pro Fisherman. You’re right about the price of golf balls…but there’s gotta be a better way. Maybe snorkle mask and wetsuit! Loved it!

  2. ISBPD says:

    I believe you might be referring to a “flail” or a “mace,” both medieval weapons. However, you reminded me of the “biblical” weapon known as a “sling,” which David used to slay Goliath. Either way, you must have looked very dorky. Next time, might I recommend adding some “old man” pants hitched up to your nipples? That would complete the picture.





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