Sherpa Man and his Sherpa Chair

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
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This past summer I had a terrific time hiking in Arches National Park.  I was playing host and tour guide to four very fun ladies.  Over the course of that weekend the ladies affectionately started calling me “Sherpa Man.”  Little did I know that a couple of months later I’d have my own “Sherpa Chair!”

Sherpa Chair

You’re at The Masters, a PGA Tour event, a kid’s soccer game or some other event where you need to sit for a while, then move around.  It is very inconvenient to have to carry a standard folding chair, and if you’re at a long event all day having no chair is even worse.

The Sherpa Chair is the solution.  The Sherpa Chair is a high quality folding chair with backpack straps.  While walking around the very light chair is on your back.  When you find the perfect spot, like say behind the 12th green at Augusta National, you can set up the chair in seconds.

No arms

One “good” thing about this chair is that it has no arms.  Hear me out.  Yes I’d prefer to have arms, but many events like the Masters, will only allow smaller chairs which don’t have arms. Why do I know this?  I’m just that good man.

Drink holder

For convenience there’s also a small drink holder on the side, shaped perfectly for an average size bottled water to reside.

Adjustable back angle

The chair folds for easy transport and storage.  As built in feature to go with that is the adjustable straps which determine the angle of the chair’s back.  If you want to lounge a bit more and catch some z’s, just loosen the straps a bit and kick back.

Available colors

I’m really glad my Sherpa Chair is Masters green.  But they also have two other colors: Red and Camouflage.

Next summer

I’m looking forward to next summer when Sherpa Man shows up to the desert with his four lady friends again, Sherpa Chair on back.

Sherpa Chair Video

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