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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 21st, 2009
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I’ve got a new secret weapon lately.  Nope it isn’t a new putter or new brand of golf ball.  The last 4-5 rounds I’ve played I’ve been wearing a BHPLUS magnetic health band from Bio-Health Jewelry.  The band (should I call it a bracelet?) promotes overall health and wellness via magnetism, far-infra red rays (FIR) and negative ions.  Hey man I’ll try anything to improve my game.

How it works

The far-infra red rays and negative ions (also known as ANIONS) penetrate the skin and cause an affect which some say promotes good health and well being.  The negative ions help to counteract all the “bad” positive energy and ions we receive from TV’s, cell phones, computers and the like.

For people with stiff areas of their bodies, FIR’s penetrate and provide an invisible heat action which promotes better circulation and relieves tension.

Brain and brain.  What is brain?

BHPLUS also increases alpha activity in the brain.  Increased alpha waves means higher concentration.  Higher concentration means more precision and execution of golf shots.

Wow.  All this from a bracelet band?  On the course…

Pros Pat Perez, Tommy Armour III and Rory Sabbatini wear BHPLUS bands of their own free will.  They’re not paid to do so.

I’ve been suffering from chronic golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow for years.  During the rounds I’ve been wearing my BHPLUS band I’ve had absolutely no pain at all.  Coincidence?  Not sure I want to find out.

I’ve also been putting lights out while wearing the band, and on really crappy greens.   Before my last two rounds I announced to my golf buddies opponents, that I’d let them off for a discount of the original bet on the first tee because they didn’t have a chance of winning as a result of my BHPLUS health band.  They declined both times and ended up losing more than 2x what I offered to start!  Ha ha.


The Bio-Health Jewelry web site needs some work, both on the design side and the grammatical side.  One headline reads “Test results for BH.PLUS on brave waves.”  I think they meant “brain” waves. …


Does this technology really work or is it a placebo?  Is it just a coincidence that I’ve been pain free and played well while wearing my BHPLUS bracelet?  Who cares?  If I’m playing better and not hurting I’m going to keep wearing it. If only my unit had a skull on it, it would complete my golf wardrobe even better.

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