Tin Cup Golf Ball Imprinting System

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 24th, 2009
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I’ve been marking my balls in a fun new way lately, with the Tin Cup ball imprinting system.

What is the Tin Cup system?

The system is simple. Each Tin Cup is a plate which snugly covers about half a golf ball. You place the Tin Cup template over the golf ball and draw in the outline or full fill of the die cut pattern with a Sharpie or fine point permanent pen of some sort.

Patterns available

There are currently 23 patterns available. They range from martini glasses to shapes to animals. One pattern, the “From the Tips Universal Marking Tool,” has seven individual shapes in one die. With the 23 patterns available (and I’m sure they’re working on more), you can probably find one which suits your game and your personality.

I’ve got a few patterns but the one I use the most is the big fat arrow. I like to use the arrow as an alignment aid for my shots and putts.

Custom patterns

If one of the stock patterns doesn’t cut it, so to speak, you can order a custom cut Tin Cup. Designs or letters, initials can be cut out of your own Tin Cup for $39.  I have a couple of designs I may have made myself, for fun.


$17.95 Tin Cups are a fun and unique way to mark golf balls, much more fun that just putting dots or lines on the ball with a marker.


Tin Cup web site

Tin Cup images

One response to “Tin Cup Golf Ball Imprinting System”

  1. GlenDornoch says:

    Hey the Tin Cup website looks great. I too prefer the arrow pattern. I’d love to spring for custom patterns, but I don’t think is quite worth the $39. Nonetheless, its a great idea. I’ll try out my newly marked balls when I play at the Glen Dornoch golf course in Myrtle Beach next weekend.