Translation requested

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
Categories: Golf Balls

I don’t know if this text is Japanese or Chinese or some other dialect.  Anyone out there have a translation for this?

3 responses to “Translation requested”

  1. By chance, at WorldAccent we’re working on some golf translation work, and stumbled upon your post.

    I don’t have a complete answer, but you’re right it looks like Chinese. It is written in Simplified Chinese which is most often used in mainland China. So you have more to go on than just the picture, we re-typed the phrase: ????

    I don’t speak any of the Chinese languages myself but a mechanical translation would seem to be something like “East unites the session quickly” or “Soon in East Session”. Maybe this will make more sense to you, given the context?

    Sorry not to have a definitive answer, which would probably require a Chinese translator, but hope that’s SOME help!

  2. Alternatively, our in-house far eastern typesetting expert thinks it’s actually ???? which would translate as something like “Quick Alliance Fun Sesson” or possibly “Fun Session Available Soon”. I guess it really is one that requires a mother-tongue speaker to get a sensible meaning!