Practice with a purpose today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 28th, 2009
Categories: Hackers

I’m playing golf at the nicest course in town today, 2:15pm.  I’ll be with my dad, his cousin and another Greek guy who is really cool.  The picture below is looking back up the fairway from #1 green at Hidden Valley CC…  Lovely.

My game has been bad this year, but has shown some signs of returning, until yesterday when it relapsed to the state of complete hack status.

I’m going to hit the range a good hour or two early today and REALLY try to figure some things out so I can have some confidence in my ball striking.

Goals for today’s pre-round range session

1. Where the hell do I put the ball in my stance?  I think it is highly possible that I’ve got the ball too far forward on all shots.

2. How high do I tee the damn ball?  With my old Ping driver I used to tee the ball high, but the new Nike I have may respond better with the ball teed lower.

3. Is my driver set up right?  With my Nike STR8-FIT I’ve got it set to 1 degree flat and 1 degree closed.  I may tweak those settings to be sure I’ve got it set up the best for my swing.

4. Can I put into play what my coach is trying to teach me?  My posture is much better lately.  Can I release into a nice high finish?  Can I swing without casting, lunging or swaying?  Can I stay behind the ball?

5. Is my stance wide enough, too wide, too open, too closed?  I don’t seem to really have a feel for where it should be right now.

6. I feel the need to pound a bunch of sand and lob wedges.  I think that really helps groove my bigger swings and release.

So there are all my issues to resolve with the first half dozen balls.  For the rest of the 100 ball bucket….

While I’m playing my DVR will be working at home, recording Tiger Woods and all the other PGA Tour players in round two of the Barclays.  TV coverage today is on The Golf Channel from 3-6pm Eastern BTW.

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