My game may have come out of summer hybernation

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 13th, 2009
Categories: Hackers

I felt some signs that my game would be close to returning to form. There are many factors involved in this transition from complete friggin’ hacker to decent amateur player.

I just came off my two highest rounds of the year. Those were on a very tough and foreign course 2300 miles from home. And my back was still recovering from one of the worst tweaks I’ve ever had. So I was hardly even bending down to read putts. Hell, I even four putted on the mega fast greens. That was the first putt I’ve had since January 2005. I’m serious. I still remember it, #3 at Sunbrook in St. George, Utah.

Reason 1 for my recent hack fests: I was coming off an injury. Reason 2: swing changes.

I’m also in the midst of gaining more confidence and comfort in some major swing changes. My coach/pro gave me a big swing lesson and I’m struggling to break old habits and implement the new moves and positions.

My posture is better. My release is still under construction, but when I get it right it is awesome, producing much higher ball speed and distance. I haven’t looked at it, but I think my swing plane is better too since my poster and positions are better.

Yesterday I shot 37 on the front and had some mental breakdowns on the back. But I knew that my swing was on the verge of a recovery. I could feel actual golf shots happening. I hit a six iron from 187 to about 3 feet, over a tree. Haven’t felt that “feeling” of compressing and seeing a ball fly like that in at least two months.

Well maintained equipment is a big factor

I recently put some new shoes on my feet, the new FootJoy Icons. I also regripped all my clubs. My spikes on my old shoes were worn, and my old grips were very bad. I seriously believe having better traction and stability in my swing, along with a better grip on my clubs, is playing a big factor in hitting better shots. It did take me about two rounds to get used to having so much traction. I was hooking shots for a bit, but I’ve fixed that for the most part.

So today I shot a 74, back on track with what my “old” 1-2 handicap dictated. Even though I shot that 74, I had to shell out some dough to my pal Arnie. Despite bogeying the last hole (and I won a press on that one), he shot 70!

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