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I have a new pal Chris Bystriansky. Chris and I played golf at a cool newer Pete Dye course here a month or so ago. Chris is the president of My Golf Book, which is a neat golf journal.   In “MGB” you write in things about your golf game, practice, goals, achievements, gear, scores etc. Here are a few of the main sections:


The practice log is the first section of the book and for good reason. The more you practice the better you should get. I say should, because it must be the right kind of practice. With MGB’s notes and tracking, you can refer to your good and bad sessions and your other golf records to see if your practice is paying off.

The practice section has a date and practice field and plenty of space for notes.


There are many great tips or swing thoughts which I often forget and when I use them they can really bring my swing back from the dead. The tips section is an area where you can write down these thoughts and miscellaneous items so you can refer back to them later.


I need to set more goals. I slack a bit in that department. Having the goals written down is great so you can refer back to them when needed. It can also be a confidence builder to be able to see all the goals achieved in the past and how they were reached.

The goals section has an initial date, date to reach goal, what’s being done to achieve the goal and the date completed.


Have a hole in one? Win a tournament? The achievements area is great for tracking milestones in your game. For me my proudest golf achievement is winning my club championship.


Most golfers are obsessed with their gear. The equipment section is where gear, specs, sizes and miscellaneous notes can be written about your gear. If you tweak (bend) your clubs to custom settings, this is a great way to track the way they are setup.


Tracking your rounds and stats is one great way to see what needs improvement and what you are doing well. I track all my rounds, stats and scores for that reason.

The scores section has fields for date, course, fairways hit, GIR (greens in regulation), putts, length slope and misc notes.


The courses section is where you keep a list of the courses you play. Fields include date, course, location, contact information and notes.


Along with the course information, you need to keep track of all the millions of golf pals you have and that is done in the People section. Player names, phone numbers, address, email and notes can be tracked.


Here’s a section I’d love to run out of space in, golf travel. The Travel section is for tracking road trips, courses, locations, accommodations, restaurants and miscellaneous notes. I have plenty of great golf destinations, and some not-so great ones to track!


Finally, if the other sections’ miscellaneous notes weren’t enough, the Notes section has date and notes fields for any random info. Perhaps in here you can track how many dollars in bets you win off your golf opponents.

Colors Available

MGB is available in nine colors or patterns, from black to peach diamonds.  My favorite is green plaid.


I track many of my stats and rounds online these days. That being said, there’s something neat and fun about actually “writing” these items in a book or journal and being able to thumb through them later.

My Golf Book is a fun way to do just that. The footprint of the book is small enough to fit in a pocket of your golf bag for easy access during practice, rounds or at the 19th hole.

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Where To Buy

MGB is available in many brick & mortar locations.  Online MGB is available through the MGB web site, or The Golf Space SHOP.

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