My best friend played 36 at St. Andrews yesterday

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, July 5th, 2009
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I got some telephone updates yesterday from my best bud Al who was playing with my caddy connection Boynie, The Old Course at St. Andrews. They had a spectacular time. In the morning my bud played and Boynie caddied. In the afternoon Boynie hung up the caddy bib and threw on his clubs to play with my pal Al.

Al called me from the road hole. I actually felt bad because he was using a cell phone on the course but I was happy to hear from him. I felt like I was there. Connected to the course just a little. All my pal could say over and over was “you’ve got to come out here.”

I’ll be getting some surely great photos soon, which I’ll obviously post here.

2 responses to “My best friend played 36 at St. Andrews yesterday”

  1. Alan says:

    Cell phone was no problem: we were by ourselves at that point and one of the local boys we were playing with made a call so I did the same.

    Missed the par putt, BTW — but I was on in two with the pin in championship position behind the Road bunker.

    That is easily the most amazing part 4 I’ve ever seen …

  2. golfmanagement says:

    My colleques and I All agree if there is one course we all wish to play before we go to the great golf course in the sky, it is The Old Course at St. Andrews.