June comment contest winners

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
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The Greatest Game Every Played Blu-rayThere were some great comments posted in June, ranging in subjects from Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie to killiig geese and Chris Berman’s awful golf announcing in the US OPEN.

It was tough to pick three winners so I had to do a tiebreaker by seeing who had the best 2nd round comment.

“Old Man Par” and “ISBPD” won with their comments regarding Chris Berman’s announcing and “Alan” won for his Michelle Wie comments.  You three brilliant comment authors win a Blu-Ray disc of Disney’s “The Greatest Game Ever Played” courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.  Thanks!

ISBPD (on Berman):

If Berman worked in an office, he’d be the guy who’s desk is situated near the photo copier…as you approach to make copies he’d say: “Here comes the Dave-ster, mak-ing cop-ies. The Dave-ster! Dave-a-rino! Mak-ing copies!” You know…like the Rob Schneiter character (Rich) from a Saturday Night Live sketch from many years ago. Everyone is truely annoyed by him, but no one wants to be the mean guy and tell him he is being such a douche nozzle (yes, it is worse than being just a douche bag). Well Media Guru is the office mean guy it would seem!

Old Man Par (on Berman):

I was thinking about writing about the same thing — Berman has no business covering golf, especially a major. He’s like the loud drunk at the bar who thinks he knows it all (but doesn’t) and thinks he’s hilarious when he’s really tedious and annoying. You wish he’d go home so you could enjoy yourself, but he just gets worse and worse.

And don’t forget “the Hansen brothers” — another gem.

Oh, brother. Thank goodness NBC takes over tomorrow.

Alan (on Wie):

“… has a lot of talent with a golf club, she’s yet to fulfill her promise in any meaningful way whatsoever.”

Which is a true statement of nearly every Nationwide player and club pro in the world, and I would think it’s the nine inches ‘tween the ears that make the difference.

I suppose they were hoping for the female Tiger Woods, not realizing that they just had her, and that her name was Annika Sorenstam.

Winners please email me your shipping addresses!

One response to “June comment contest winners”

  1. golfmanagement says:

    michelle’s biggest mistake was made when she used valuable time attempting to compete in the men’s competion. Had she developed her tournament playing skills strickly on the L.P.G.A. tour I firmly believe she would be enjoying a much higher degree of success.





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