The Goose Hunter

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 28th, 2009
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Just got an email from one of my long time golf buddies, Dave.  He and my other golf buddy Dan were playing last night.  They had some issues with a goose.  I’ll just post the whole email here:

Get this…Dan & I start playing front 9 @ 7:15 pm Sat.

At Dan’s 2nd shot, he hits a screaming, skulled, grounder into the neck of a goose (that was laying down amongst about 15 geese).  Immediately, we can see the neck is broken, but the goose isn’t dead.  In an effort to be humane, Dan tries to kill it off by wringing its neck, but no dice, it will not die.  I take my soaked golf towel and wrap it around the goose’s mouth and nostrils to smother/suffocate it, but no dice again, it won’t die.  While I am smothering it, Dan takes out a pocket knife and cuts it’s head off. It died.  We then brought the goose to the area of the foxes den on #1 so they could have an easy meal.

Lots of guys can hunt with guns.  Some guys hunt with archery.  Dan beats ’em all.  He can hunt with hybrids.

FYI, Dan was pretty upset that he killed a goose.  I was fine with it…Less goose crap to step in now.

I’m with Dave.  Less goose crap is good.

2 responses to “The Goose Hunter”

  1. golfmanagement says:

    Goes to show strange things can happen on a golf course

  2. ISBPD says:

    As The Imaginary Supreme Being/Pretend Diety (aka ISBPD), I fully exonerate “Dan” of his 12 guage hybrid hunting, as he was merely the instrument of my supreme wishes on earth. You see, geese are among my biggest mistakes, creationally speaking. I had worked a long day, and should have clocked out. But no-ooo-oo. I had to keep creating. I had just finished creating ducks, and could not leave well enough alone. I went ahead and created these nasty, hissy, vial creators of “Ku-ka-ka” grass (hybrid of Kukuya grass and ka-ka). Yes, even I make mistakes. So please, do not think less of “Dan” for being the instrument of my wishes on earth. By the way, there are no geese on courses “up here,” I send them to courses “down there.” Love, ISBPD ps What do you all think of my greatest creation, golf?





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