Saw a FIVE PUTT today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 5th, 2009
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Today my Dad and I played in a 27 hole member-guest tournament at his club Hidden Valley.  We play this tourney every year and enjoy the format.  The course has 27 holes and each nine is a different game:  two man scramble, alternate shot, net best ball.

We started out great and kicking the butts of my pal Arnie and his partner Bruce.  But when my Dad and I get to the alternate shot it is very difficult.  The pressure of alternate shot is high and if you mess up you leave your partner holding the bag.  My dad and I did that to each other a few times and flamed out on that nine.

Throughout the rest of the round Arnie and Bruce caught fire and started burying us.  It was an old fashioned demolition.  Despite a great session at the range prior, my 2009 “mystery swing” reappeared and I started finding parts of the course I never new existed.  I’m getting tired of that.

The end result when all was said and done was not finishing in the money, and having to pay Arnie and Bruce for the nice golf lesson.

Five putt

There was about a 30 minute rain delay when we were on a par-5.  It was there I witnessed something I’ve never seen, a five putt.  This was during the stressful alternate shot.  I watched Arnie and Bruce trade putts and trade putts and trade putts.  They ended up carding a five putt on that hole for a total of nine strokes.  Had they even two putted they would have probably finished in the money.  Despite that nine, they still waxed my Dad and I.

Congrats guys.  We’ll be seeing you next year…

One response to “Saw a FIVE PUTT today”

  1. It does sound like quite an interesting format. There are quite a few courses I am aware of that have 27 holes and more often than not, one nine always gets ignored. This, I guess, is the best way to ensure that the entire course is played and along the way have loads of fun.





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