I’ve lost my swing, my putting stroke and my mental strength. Anybody know where they are?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 21st, 2009
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I think I’ve done it. I lost my swing. I’ve felt this coming on for a few rounds now. I’ve been hitting shots which are not solid and I’m not able to concentrate at all.

Today I actually sh***ed not only one, but almost 10 shots. Until last week I hadn’t hit one of those horizontally challenged shots since around 2004. Today all I could do was laugh because no matter what I tried I kept doing it. Last time I had the sh**ks it took me going to my pro to solve it after hitting bucket after bucket of them for three days.

This score tied my highest round of the year and I really had no clue how to swing a club. It seems like it is slipping away for some reason.

I’m going to try and chalk this up to the fatigue of my big trip this week and to playing a bit too much. But I wonder…

Golf and life. Sometimes they get in each other’s way.

I’m discouraged about my game and I think the game is reflecting some changes in my personal life recently. I’m much more emotional now when I’m golfing, compared to being more even keel or should I say, even robotic. If I hit a great shot I’m very excited and I’m very mad and frustrated when I it a poor shot. The poor shots are sticking with me more and sometimes I want to throw a tantrum like a little baby. Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet. Higher highs, lower lows.

I think happenings in my non golf world have brought my emotions to the surface now, rather than having them buried deep under many layers of callus.

Different physically?

I’m also wondering about my physical body. I think back 3-4 years ago, when I weighed 56 pounds more than I do now. I played much better and more consistent golf. I also drove the golf ball much farther because I was shifting my weight into the ball.

I’ve dropped 20 pounds over the last couple of months and I think it has changed my swing. The good thing is that I’m more flexible and I generally feel better physically. My back isn’t stiff and I’m in better shape.

Could my increased flexiblity be contributing to my shots being more wild and erratic?

Sounds to me like I’m saying I was a better golfer when I was unemotional and fat. That may be the case, but I’m not going back to that state so I guess I’d better work it out.

One response to “I’ve lost my swing, my putting stroke and my mental strength. Anybody know where they are?”

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a bad case of the Daves.. Only difference weight or emotion isn’t a factor in my version of the illness… 🙁 Hope things are alright in the personal realm, shoot me an email if you need to rant.. I’m good at that 🙂





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