My game is now a disaster

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 14th, 2009
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My game stinks

I don’t know what is up.  I feel good physically.  I’ve lost 20 pounds over the last couple of months and I’m looking like a younger “flat belly” player now.  My back isn’t stiff at all.  The swing “feels” good.  I feel loose.  Everything seems to be working and feeling good up until I make contact.

Tuesday I did something I haven’t done since somewhere around 2004.  I shanked a shot.  I handled it fairly well and didn’t get too bent out of shape.

I feel like I’m actually making solid contact but finding my concentration level is very low and I’m making poor decisions.  I’m not focused.

Worst round of the year

Today I carded my worst score of the year and sent myself into an even more confused state than I already was in, which is hard to imagine.  Somehow I managed to push on all my bets (won some lost some) which I can’t believe.

Game management?  No.  Course management?  No.  I’m in a state of “disaster management.”

Maybe I should just let it go

Perhaps I shouldn’t get too down about my bad rounds right now.  I do seem to go through this phase a few times per year.  Tomorrow is another day, and I’m golfing so it won’t be too bad.  A report will follow.

4 responses to “My game is now a disaster”

  1. Jon Kramer says:

    Having the same problem. Signed up for a lesson tomorrow. Maybe it will help. You know what they say…”A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at the office”.

  2. RoryPlaysGolf says:

    Tony, my best advice, don’t sweat it. I can almost guarantee your swing is probably a little quicker or slower due to the lack of pain in your back and lack of “extras” that your arms are now swinging around. I went through a weight change about 6 years ago when I started lifting and just adding to inches to my chest gave me the shanks for a few weeks. I had to just visit my instructor and get me back on plane around the new found muscle. I know your game will get back.

  3. I suggest making friends with a few choice clubs. Often, one or two clubs might turn against you.

    Last time I lost weight, my swing became much faster and longer than I could control. Try taking 3/4 swings back, full follow-throughs, and do the 1-2-3 pendulum count on each swing, keeping it the same.





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