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I love fairway foxes…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
Categories: Miscellaneous

Thanks to my pop giving me a big-ass zoom lens for my digital SLR, I was able to get some covert shots of the baby foxes at the course.  I love golf foxes.  There’s nothing better.

The baby foxes are definitely getting bigger. My buddy Alan was telling me that foxes were mangy and unwanted on the course. I beg to differ. Geese are the enemy. I look forward to the day those baby foxes get big enough to hunt down the geese and chow down on them, thus reducing the need for fecal column compensation on the greens…

3 responses to “I love fairway foxes…”

  1. golfrealist says:

    Fantastic..you ARE the man! It tells you what scum the English really are that they actually hunt these little guys and call it a sport……

  2. mperant says:

    If you are ever in Prinece Edward Island, there is a course called ‘Fox Meadow’ where there are at least 20 foxes living on the golf course.
    The local play rules say:
    ‘If a fox takes your golf ball, replay from the same location without penalty’.

  3. J Beck says:

    Adorable! Just another one of the many reasons I love the game of golf. I am a huge fan of birds and I am hoping to see a Pilated Woodpecker on one of my rounds.